Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) has been gathering momentum locally and globally in recent years, both among the public companies and among investors, who now also take into consideration ESG aspects in making investment decisions.

Studies demonstrate the advantages that ESG-aware companies enjoy, including, among others, greater operational transparency, reduced long-term risks, most notably in relation to climate change, more balanced decision-making thanks to the diversity of the management and the board of directors, lesser regulatory intervention in their activities, and more.

The business sector’s substantial financial and social contribution to the economy goes hand-in-hand with its moral responsibility. Israeli and international investors, both institutional and private, are looking to invest in companies that offer adequate environmental and social solutions and in companies that report their ESG activities.

Foreign investors have been showing a growing interest in the Israeli equity market, a trend that TASE actively encourages in order to increase foreign investors’ exposure to TASE-listed companies. To achieve this, the companies must align with international standards, including ESG activities and reports.

TASE, as home of the Israeli economy, is dedicated to the advancement of ESG activities among the TASE-listed companies. As part of its efforts to increase awareness and promote ESG among investors and public companies alike and in order to facilitate the exposure to companies that publish an ESG report, we have provided below a list of the TASE-listed companies that publish ESG reports.

Also follows summary information on the ESG indices launched by TASE:
- Maala Index - Comprises the shares of public companies ranked by the Maala social responsibility organization.
- TA-Cleantech Index - Comprises all shares classified under the Cleantech and Renewable Energy Subsectors.
- TA-125 Fossil Free Index - Comprises all shares included in the TA-125 Index, excluding shares of fossil corporations, as determined by Life and Environment organization.   

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ESG Questionnaire

In order to promote ESG within TASE listed companies ,TASE is publishing its first ESG questionnaire to the TASE-listed companies as a means to increasing their ESG involvement and to allow investors better access to ESG-related information, in line with international standards. 

The questionnaire was developed in collaboration with Good Vision, an ESG advisory firm, and is designed for companies that have not yet published an ESG report. The questionnaire is based on an examination of similar questionnaires commonly used internationally, and was customized for the TASE-listed companies.  The questionnaire also offers a basic glossary, in order to facilitate the process for newcomers and make the filling-out process more focused, easy and accessible.  

The companies may complete the questionnaire and post it on the company’s website, and TASE will update the links to the information on ESG page on its website- dedicated to  the companies' ESG activities so that the investors will be exposed to it.

The questionnaire is in English and contains a variety of questions in the ESG areas. The companies are requested to answer the questionnaire  in the following manner:

  • Some questions are to be answered by “Yes” or “No”.
  • Some questions require a precise number.
  • Since not all questions apply to all companies, specify “Not Applicable” as appropriate.

It should be emphasized that the completion of the questionnaire is not a substitute for the publication of a full ESG report.

Links to the questionnaire on companies' web site & queries, plea​se contact esg@tase.co.il ​

Click here for the questionnaire

Click here for glossary of terms