ALN AGC + 10%
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Mutual Fund Number     05109608 Asset Value (NIS millions)    9.2
Mutual Fund Manager Mutual Fund Trustee
Classification Exposure profile: 1B
Major :  Israeli bonds - general
Main :  Israeli Bond, General - up to 10% Equity
Secondary :  
Shares : 1 - Up to 10% of the fund's NAV
FX : B - Up to 30% of the fund's NAV
Tax Status : 
Units are offered on : Sun-Thu
No Features were defined
Purchase Price:183.97
Redemption Price:183.97
 As of 29/02/2024 ***
 Last Day Yield (%) 0.04% 
 Yield MTD (%) 0.04% 
 Yield YTD (%) -0.41% 
 12 Month Yield (%) 5.98% 
 Standard Deviation (26 weeks) 0.57 
 ** Code  
 Management Fee (%) 0.680% 
 Trustee Fee (%) 0.040% 
 Distribution Commission 0.35% 
 Sales Load (%) 0% 
 Payment Policy No Obligation to Distribute Income Payment 
Mutual Fund Data is not adjusted to Dividends and Benefits
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** Code
   1- The fund did not publish a prospectus
   2- The fund's currency is not traded this day
   3- The fund did not publish a prospectus & the fund's currency is not traded this day
   4- Not traded on Sundays
   5- Not listed in the TASE Clearing House
   6- Announcement of the fund manager
*** The data for Tax Status, Manager, Specialization, Asset Value, Management Fee, Trustee Fee,
      Sales Load, Trustee, Dividend Policy
      is updated monthly. Last update 30/11/2017