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As of 20/02/2020
Suspension Date
ADO B7Security Suspended from trading 
ADO.B7IL0050502405Bonds09/02/2020Additional Details
ADO B8Security Suspended from trading 
ADO.B8IL0050502652Bonds09/02/2020Additional Details
AFRICA INDUSTSecurity Suspended from trading 
AFIDIL0008000114Shares17/07/2018Additional Details
APIO AFRICA-MSecurity included in the Maintenance list Security Suspended from trading 
APIO.MIL0003830184Shares17/07/2016Additional Details
BROOKLAND B1Security Suspended from trading 
BRKL.B1IL0011323073Bonds07/01/2019Additional Details
BROOKLAND B2Security Suspended from trading 
BRKL.B2IL0011369936Bonds07/01/2019Additional Details
GADSDEN PROPSecurity Suspended from trading 
GADSUS36257R1041Shares22/04/2019Additional Details
VITALA CAPIT-MSecurity included in the Maintenance list Security Suspended from trading 
VTLC-MIL0008240116Shares22/01/2017Additional Details
VONETIZESecurity Suspended from trading 
VNTZCY0106661412Shares01/09/2019Additional Details
VONETIZE W1Security Suspended from trading 
VNTZ.W1CY0136691413Warrants01/09/2019Additional Details
VONETIZE C1-LSecurity Suspended from trading Security is a part of the illiquid securities list, Click for more information. 
VNZ.C1-LIL0011415226Convertible Bonds07/02/2019Additional Details
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