TASE summarizes the first half of 2017 Nurit Dror, Research Unit

Prices rise, increase in trading volumes and a wave of offerings On the shares and bonds markets
·       Increases on most indices of leading shares, continuing the trend from 2016;
·        Shares in the TA-90 index rose 14%, continuing the rise of 17% for the whole of 2016, while the TA-35 index dropped 2%, impacted by the pharma shares included in it;
·        Reform of the indices that started on February 9 and huge sell-offs by interested parties, for NIS 2.7 billion contributed to the 30% rise in trading volumes on the shares market (excluding ETNs) as compared with the previous year;
·        Wave of IPOs since start of the year - eight new companies were registered for trading on TASE, more than all the companies together registered in the last two years - and raised NIS 1.2 million:
Among the new offerors - UAV manufacturer Aeronautics, which offered shares in June for a value of NIS 404 million for sale to the public and raised NIS 53 million more - the biggest IPO for a Hi-tech company on TASE and the biggest IPO by a new company since the "Azrieli" offering in June 2010.  
·       Strengthening of issues on the Tel-Aviv bonds market, indicating a record year - companies have raised NIS 34.4 billion as compared with NIS 63 billion in whole 2016.
Five US real-estate companies registered for trading in an initial bonds offering to the public and raised NIS 2.5 billion; 
·      Trading volumes in corporate bonds reached record levels and stood at NIS 0.9 billion in a single day;
·       Rise of 3% in corporate bonds prices as compared with 1% in government bonds;
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