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Short Sale Balance report for the trading week ending on 22/07/2021
Short Sale Balance
Previous Balance (No. of Securities)
No. of Securities
NIS Thousands
Short Interest Ratio - SIR
ADAMA .B2ADAMA.B2IL0011109159Corporate Bonds5,898,4156,636,89610,886.501.33
ADGAR B9ADGR.B9IL0018201900Corporate Bonds4,078,3652,846,6013,231.460.7
ADGAR B10ADGR.B10IL0018202080Corporate Bonds12,904,92913,270,66715,054.245.65
ADGAR B11ADGR.B11IL0018202817Corporate Bonds38,847,05040,427,31144,328.5511.27
AEROSPACE IN B4ARSP.B4IL0011331316Corporate Bonds929,0801,005,9691,017.840.67
AFCON HOLD B4AFHL.B4IL0057801685Corporate Bonds23,538,86022,806,04526,356.9528.53
AFI PROP B7AFPR.B7IL0011322323Corporate Bonds89,453234,946254.160.14
AFI PROP B10AFPR.B10IL0011608788Corporate Bonds2,402,9062,453,3402,582.143.08
AFI PROP B11AFPR.B11IL0011716284Corporate Bonds55,502,91451,912,70355,120.9114.84
AFI PROP B12AFPR.B12IL0011737645Corporate Bonds486,615488,360501.640.16
AFI PROP B8AFPR.B8IL0011422313Corporate Bonds12,550,50824,190,17827,574.386.02
AFI PROP B9AFPR.B9IL0011564700Corporate Bonds102,77861,27765.650.08
AFRICA RESID B3AFRE.B3IL0011356982Corporate Bonds529,622391,812404.781.76
AFRICA RESID B4AFRE.B4IL0011426454Corporate Bonds4,123,7354,069,3664,239.873.43
AFRICA RESID B5AFRE.B5IL0011628257Corporate Bonds6,815,4796,829,0137,054.3710.46
AIRPORT B5ARPT.B5IL0011334872Corporate Bonds9,721,0949,251,41910,512.392
AIRPORT B9ARPT.B9IL0011609448Corporate Bonds13,051,89413,954,51814,272.683.9
ALBAR B14ALBR.B14IL0011325623Corporate Bonds2,585000
ALBR B15ALBR.B15IL0011385361Corporate Bonds446,9861,320,0111,350.371.42
ALBR B16ALBR.B16IL0011398232Corporate Bonds576,385504,707536.710.29
ALBR B17ALBR.B17IL0011587321Corporate Bonds1,168,074937,331966.200.17
ALBR B18ALBR.B18IL0011587404Corporate Bonds7,955,4777,927,2538,102.454.43
ALL YEAR B2ALYR.B2IL0011397812Corporate Bonds10,90910,9092.020
ALON SQUARE B6BSI.B6IL0011691271Corporate Bonds3,043,4042,346,7012,502.761.14
ALONY HETS B9ALHE.B9IL0039003541Corporate Bonds1,241,4562,063,9072,281.241.2
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Summary for Group: Corporate Bonds
No. of Securities : 473
Short Sale Balance (NIS Thousands) : 2,689,931.70

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