Table 9 - Derivatives Market - Summary by Groups

TA-35 Index
TA-125 Index
Additional Underlying Asset  
01/10/2021 - 31/10/2021
CategoryNo. of Trading Days for categoryNo. of Trans. in PeriodAverage Daily No. of TransactionsAverage Trans. Turnover (Contracts)In Traded ContractsPremium Turnover
(NIS thousands)
In Underlying Asset Terms
(NIS thousands)
TA-125 Index2140.224046157.58,838.2
  Futures210000 0
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No. of Customer Accounts:
      Daily Maximum in Period5
      At the End of Period5
Underlying Asset Price (End of Period) 1,927.65
Change in Period (%)3.65
Turnover in Underlying Assets (NIS thousands)23,056,253.8
Turnover Ratio *0.0040
*Turnover ratio in underlying asset terms (Delta weighted ) to TA-125 Index securities turnover