Weekly Review: October 31 - November 4, 2010

Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) during the first week of November was marked by high volatility and mixed trend.
The TA-25 index which dropped 0.4% this week is still 10.5% higher from its level at the beginning of the year, after an increase of 75% rate of return attained in 2009.
On Monday, November 1st, the TA-25 reached a new record at the value of 1277.28 points.
The TA-100 index which decreased 0.3% is now higher by 9.7% from its level at the beginning of this year. This follows a sharp increase of 89% in 2009.
The TA-Banks index and the Tel Tech-15 index gained 4.3% and 1.5%, respectively, while the Real Estate-15 index dropped 1.2%.
Three companies raised US $140 million this week through corporate bond issues. The total amount raised by the private sector in corporate bond issues from the beginning of the year comes to US $9.2 billion (about 60% by banks and real estate companies) - similar to the amount raised in all of 2009.
The Israeli treasury raised US $385 million this week in a local government bond issues, bringing the 2010 total to US $12.6 billion, after total of US $17.4 billion raised in 2009.
Figures released by the Bank of Israel indicate that in September 2010 nonresidents invested US $130 million in Israeli shares traded on the TASE. The total amount invested in the third quarter of 2010 comes to US $ 0.3 billion, after net sales of about US $ 1.9 billion during February - June.