Weekly Review: December 12-16, 2010

Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) during the third week of December was marked by high share price volatility and price gains in all leading indices.


The TA-25 index which increased 0.6% this week closed with a year-to-date return of 14%, after recording a 75% gain in 2009. On December 16, the TA-25 index reached a new record at the value of 1306.18 points.


The TA-100 index which increased 0.8% is now higher by 13.4% from its level at the beginning of this year. This follows a sharp increase of 89% in 2009. The TA-100 index also reached a new record level this week, at the value of 1207.46 points.


The Real Estate-15 index gained 1.5%, while the Tel Tech-15 index and the Finance index rose 1% and 0.8% respectively.


The Israeli treasury raised US $400 million this week in a local government bond issues, bringing the 2010 total to US $14.7 billion, after total of US $17.4 billion raised in 2009.


Figures released by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistic indicate that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for November rose by 0.1%, completing 2.3% increase from the beginning of the year.