Weekly Review: August 7 - August 11, 2011

In keeping with the downward trend resulting from S&P's downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, TASE trading during the second week of August ended with a sharp decline in all leading share price indices.
  • The TA-25 index, which fell 7.5% over the week, is now 19.4% lower than its beginning-of-the-year level, following a 16% increase in 2010.  On August 7 the TASE circuit breaker was deployed, after the index lost 5% in opening trade. Overall, the index lost 7% on that day.
  • The TA-100 index was down 8.5% over the week, bringing the year-to-date loss to 21.7%, following a 15% increase in 2010.
  • The TA Real Estate-15 and BlueTech-50 indices fell 11.4% and 10.8% respectively, while the TA Banks index lost 9.8%.
  • Bank Hapoalim, a TA-25 index constituent, raised US$ 450 million in a public bond offering. The business sector has raised a total of US$ 8.4 billion in debt offerings so far this year, as opposed to US$ 11.5 billion in the entire 2010 year. Approximately a quarter of this sum was raised by banks.
  • The Treasury floated government bonds on the local market equaling US $400 million. The year-to-date total of government bond issues comes to US $10.1 billion, as opposed to US $15.2 billion for the entire 2010 year.
  • The NIS/dollar exchange rate on August 11 came to NIS 3.548, a weekly increase of 0.8%. Since the beginning of the year, the NIS didn't change against the dollar, after appreciating 6% in 2010.
    The NIS/Euro exchange rate on August 11 came to NIS 5.0323, up 1.1% over last week. The Euro has appreciated 6.2% against the NIS since the beginning of the year, after depreciating 12.9% in 2010.