Weekly Review: 6 - 10 October 2013

Weekly Review: 6 - 10 October 2013
Trading on TASE during the second week of October ended up for all leading TASE indices
The TA-25 index increased 2.8% over the week, bringing year-to-date increase to 9.0%.
The TA-100 index increased 2.7% over the week, bringing year-to-date increase to 11.3%.
BATM Advanced Communications Shares
The shares of BATM Advanced Communications, Ltd., which is listed on both TASE and the London Stock Exchange, will be included in the TA-Technology and TA BlueTech-50 indices starting on Sunday 20/10/2013.
Equity Offerings
Three high tech companies- Sunflower, Capital Point and Brainsway - raised US $30 million in public equity offerings this week.
Since the beginning of the year the private sector has raised US. $1.3 billion equity in public offerings, as opposed to US $0.9 billion in the entire 2012 year.
Corporate  Bonds
Two companies completed bond offerings for a total of US $0.3 billion this week. 
Since the beginning of the year the private sector has raised US $7.8 billion debt capital through bond offerings. Real estate firms have stood out, raising 44% of this sum.
Government Bonds
This week the Ministry of Finance (MoF) floated US $0.3 billion government bonds in an offering on the local market. 
Since the beginning of 2013 the MoF raised US $14.4 billion in public bond offerings as opposed to US $21.3 billion in 2012.
Foreign Investors
The Bank of Israel released figures this week indicating that foreign investors liquidated a net US $110  million in share holdings in August 2013, after acquiring a net US $1.3 billion in January-July 2013, and following net purchases of US $410 million in 2012.
In addition, foreign investors liquidated US $420 million in government bond holdings in August, bringing the total sale of bonds since the beginning of 2013 to US $760 million. Net year-to-date sales of MAKAM (T-bills) came to US $310 million.
Sector Indices
TA Bluetech-50
TA Banks
TA Real Estate-15
Foreign Exchange
Facts & Figures
The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange features in September 2013:
·   514 companies listing equities (Ex. ETNs).
·   476 index-tracking products.
·   33 series of government bonds.
·   74 Series of Institutional bonds.
·   615 series of corporate bonds.
·   1,242 mutual funds.
·   Market Cap. (US$ billions)
o    Equities - 184
o    Government bonds – 134
o    Corporate bonds - 89
About TASE
Established in September 1935, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange is Israel’s sole securities exchange, offering an increasingly sophisticated range of products to investors, including equity, corporate bonds, treasury bills and notes, index products and derivatives.
In recent years, TASE has enhanced its international presence, signing Memoranda of Understanding with the London Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, NYSE-Euronext the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Toronto Stock Exchange.