Sale of Shares by a Shareholder - Clarification

Aug 04, 2019

Pursuant to the immediate report of A-Online Capital (A.O.C.) Ltd. (reference no.: 2019-01-066645) on the sale of 1,670,417 shares of the company, which had been held by its subsidiary (hereafter: “the Selling TASE Member"), and following queries received by the company, it wishes to clarify as follows:

  1. As stated in Section 5.1 of the supplementary prospectus dated July 24, 2019 (reference no.: 2019-01-063615), in light of the provisions of Section 41(L)(2) of the Securities Law (Amendment No. 63), 2017 and based on the data received from the Selling TASE Member, the Selling TASE Member is required to transfer to the company in respect of the sale of said shares an amount of approximately NIS 6.7 million (hereafter: “the company's share of the consideration"), this amount being earmarked solely for the uses stipulated in the aforesaid section.
  2. In view of the aforesaid, the company's share of the consideration (as well as amounts that would be received by the company upon the sale of additional shares, to the extent sold, by any of the shareholders that had held their shares prior to the date of approval of the arrangement, within the definition of this term in Section 3.9 of the aforesaid supplementary prospectus), will be carried directly to its equity, and therefore will not be recorded as profit and will not be added to its retained earnings.

    This report is published beyond the obligated, due to the publication of the aforesaid immediate report and for clarification purposes only.


The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.
Sigal Berliner-Levinson, Adv.
Company Secretary


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