Digital, Secure and Easy Exercise of Stock Options

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Nominee Company launched in the first half of 2020, a new digital service for the exercise of employee stock options.

By offering this innovative service to its customers, the Nominee Company offers them a secure digital, easy and quick way to exercise of employee stock options without drafting documents, signing them manually and having them delivered by courier.

As the service is available anytime, anywhere, it streamlines and significantly shortens the duration of the process from the trustee’s reporting of the exercise to the actual deposit of the shares in the employee’s account.

No installation and integration are required to enjoy the service but rather only a computer, a cellphone or a tablet.

The company receives real-time indication on the status of the application.

The service is being provided in cooperation with the trustees and is compatible with the process that is implemented in the United States.

How the service works

  • The trustee reports the exercise of stock options.
  • The company is immediately notified of the exercise by Email/text message.  
  • The system automatically produces digital documents based on the exercise information that was entered by the trustee.
  • The company digitally approves and signs the documents.
  • The application is transmitted directly to the Nominee Company.
  • The TASE Nominee Company handles the exercise application and updates the company in real time on the deposit of the shares.

Advantages of the service

 Efficiency-A significantly shorter process of handling employees’ exercise applications, Reduced exposure to buy-in, Improved standard of services to the company's employees, Reducing operational risks due to typing errors, Saving courier costs, Protection of the environment(paperless)

To join the service and for additional information, please contact the Nominee Company Team

Tel: +972-76-8160202