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About the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) was established in Israel in September 1953.
TASE plays a central role in the Israeli economy and provides a market infrastructure that is central to the economy’s growth. As TASE is the only securities exchange in Israel, where access to it is protected by high barriers to entry in terms of regulation and the need for reliable technological infrastructure, Israeli companies and the Israeli government rely on TASE’s markets for capital and liquidity. 

TASE is the “home court” for Israeli companies seeking to raise capital to meet their growth and liquidity objectives. In so doing, TASE contributes significantly to Israel’s economic growth and employment.

TASE is also the “home court” for the Israeli investment community and provides investors with a reliable and comprehensive trading platform for the buying and selling of a wide range of securities and other financial instruments. TASE serves hundreds of thousands of investors, including households, who invest in TASE’s markets, largely through investment management companies including pension funds, insurance companies, provident funds, advanced study funds and other entities.

TASE provides markets for the listing and trading of a vast range of securities and derivative instruments. These include shares, corporate bonds, government bonds, Treasury bills, ETFs, convertible securities, single stock options, options and futures on equity indices, and options and futures on foreign currency exchange rates. Trading is fully automated, order-driven, real-time and continuous through our sophisticated Tel Aviv Continuous Trading "TACT" system. Information about the products traded on the TASE >
TASE members (banks or brokerage houses) conduct all trading on TASE.

TASE’s headquarters are located at 2 Ahuzat Bayit Street, Tel Aviv.

TASE Ownership Structure

As of August 1, 2019, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a TASE traded public company, following its IPO at the end of July 2019. At that time, TASE floated 31.7% of its shares to foreign and Israeli institutional investors and to the public at large. The shares trade under ticker symbol “TASE”.

As a vertically integrated platform that is a “one-stop-shop” for clients across asset classes, TASE’s wholly-owned subsidiaries include the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Clearing House, the MAOF Clearing House (derivatives) and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Nominee Company, which provide the only clearing and settlement infrastructure in Israel and securities registration services.

TASE History

Since its establishment as the “Securities Exchange Bureau” in 1935, which operated at one of the branches of the British Anglo-Palestinian Bank, and until its relocation to its current headquarters, which provides a fitting solution to present-day technological challenges, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has passed many milestones at the various residences it has known over the years.
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