Management of Ecoppia Scientific, Which Specializes in the Robotic Cleaning of Solar Panels, Opens Trading on the Occasion of Its Joining the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Press Release

Tel Aviv, December 1, 2020 - Management of Ecoppia Scientific opened trading this morning on the occasion of the shares listing on TASE.

The 18th new company joining TASE in 2020, Ecoppia will be included in the Technology Sector that currently comprises 75 companies with a total market cap of NIS 178 billion.

Ecoppia is engaged in the development, sale, operation and maintenance of robotic systems for the cleaning of solar utility-scale installations in arid regions and operates in several countries around the world, primarily India and Israel.

The company offers its customers two types of fully autonomous robotic systems that can be remotely operated and controlled via a cloud-based platform. The systems are charged with solar energy and require no electricity or water.

At the beginning of February 2021, the company shares will join the TA-90, TA-125, Tech-Elite, Global BlueTech and TA-Technology indices, as well as several other indices, including the new TA-125 Fossil Fuel Free Climate Index that will be launched on December 6, 2020.

​Jean Scemama, CEO of Ecoppia: “I would like to thank our investors for their trust in Ecoppia. The company serves a rapidly growing global market, and has demonstrated strong technological supremacy in all our operational regions. It is expected that manual cleaning for large-scale solar sites will become irrelevant in the coming years. Ecoppia is best positioned to maintain our competitive advantage while expanding the variety of offered services to our tier-1 clients."

Drorit Vilnai, Listings Unit Manager at TASE, said: “We welcome Ecoppia into TASE's public companies family, alongside other high-tech companies that joined TASE this year. In the past year, we were happy to see Israeli high-tech companies prefer TASE for their capital raising, especially in these challenging times of the coronavirus crisis. We hope to see more companies join TASE, allowing the public to partake in their success."

 Management of Ecoppia Scientific opened trading this morning

In the picture from right to left: Ittai Ben Zeev, CEO of TASE; Jean Scemama, CEO of Ecoppia; Arye Lumelsky, VP Finance at Ecoppia; and Drorit Vilnai, Listings Unit Manager at TASE.

Credit- TASE.​