Management of High-Tech Company, BladeRanger, Opens Trading on the Occasion of the Shares Listing on TASE

Press Release

Tel Aviv, December 23, 2020 - Management of BladeRanger opened trading this morning on the occasion of the shares listing on TASE.

The company develops robotic systems for the autonomous, waterless cleaning and inspection of solar power installations. The robots, which use a proprietary technology, are powered by a chargeable battery and managed on the cloud.

In the first three years following its incorporation in 2015, the company operated within the Capital Nature greenhouse and enjoyed grants under a special track of the Innovation Authority.

The company also develops a system for the collection and management of data received from the robot, for the purpose of monitoring the cleaning process and identifying malfunctions. Other solutions that are in preliminary stages of development include autonomous cleaning drones for unreachable solar panels and drones that move the robots from one row to the next.

The company carried out a book building offering, raising NIS 22.5 million at a company market cap of NIS 93 million. To date, the market cap of the company has reached NIS 156 million, with a 67% yield on the share since the IPO.

At the beginning of February 2021, inthe semi-annual rebalancing, the company shares will join the TA-Growth, Global BlueTech, TA-Technology and TA-Industrials indices, under the new companies' fast-track entrance. 

Assaf Friedler, CEO of BladeRanger: “A green revolution is transforming the energy industry.

BladeRanger's innovative technology contributes to a more efficient power generation and allows the owners of solar installations and sites to achieve optimal utilization and a high level of maintenance. BladeRanger is aiming for global leadership in its field and considers its listing on TASE as a major milestone in its journey".

​Sarit Berman, Economist at TASE's Listings Unit: “We congratulate BladeRanger, on joining TASE's Technology Sector, that comprises 82 companies with an aggregate market cap of NIS 183 billion. In 2020, Israeli high-tech companies expressed their confidence in capital raising on TASE - of the 30 new companies listed on TASE during the year, 19 are high-tech companies. I wish you the best of success in upcoming developments, which will benefit the employees, the investors and the Israeli economy".


In the picture from right to left: Hani Shitrit Bach, EVP and Head of Listings at TASE; Assaf Friedler, CEO of BladeRanger; Sarit Berman, Economist at TASE's Listings Unit.  

Photography credit: BladeRanger. The photo is free of charge.