In Honor of International Women’s Day 2021 Women Executives of TASE-listed High-Tech and Biomed Companies and R&D Partnership Opened Trading The special opening bell ceremony is part of a joint initiative of more than 100 Stock Exchanges worldwide

Press Release

Tel Aviv, March 8, 2021 – Women executives of companies included in the TA Tech-Elite index participated in the opening bell ceremony this morning, to mark International Women's Day 2021. This special ceremony is part of a worldwide initiative of ringing the opening trading bell to mark this day, which is being celebrated at more than 100 stock exchanges around the world. 

The opening bell was pressed by: Dr. Irit Yaniv, Founder and CEO of Almeda Ventures fund; Dr. Anat Cohen Dayag, President & CEO of Compugen; Racheli Vizman, CEO and Co-Founder of SavorEat; and Tami Frenkel, CEO of Human Xtensions, alongside Zohar Sela, EVP, Head of Human Resources at TASE.

Dr. Irit Yaniv, Co-Founder and CEO of Almeda Ventures and Co-Founder of WE@HEALTHTECH venture, women executive launchpad, said: “I believe that success is founded on three pillars: partnership, daring and giving. With the help of good partners and an aspiration to grow, I have personally acquired extensive experience in medical devices companies and in investment funds. I joined forces with two professional partners in the establishment of Almeda Ventures, a life sciences investment fund. The fund, which is listed on TASE, has already invested in five promising companies. At the same time, together with three amazing women partners, I established the launchpad for women executives in life sciences: WE@HEALTHTECH, and I am proud to say that five of the participants have been promoted during the program. Gender equality in business is still an ongoing goal, but I firmly believe that an effort by each one of us will help pave the way for our daughters and sons to recognize the added value of all professionals, regardless of their gender. I am excited to be celebrating this important day and invite all of you to join hands in creating a productive future of cooperation without discrimination."

Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag, President & CEO of Compugen, said: “At Compugen, which is developing the next generation of cancer immunotherapy treatments based on our predictive discovery platforms, half the employees are women, half of the R&D team are women and half of the employees in managerial positions are women. Having served as the CEO of Compugen for more than a decade and as the mother of two daughters, the issues of women's employment, careers, and empowerment are of vast importance to me. The employment of women alongside men, in all managerial levels, creates value that would otherwise not be achieved."


Racheli Vizman, CEO and Co-Founder of SavorEat, said" “Women, the discussion of equality is important, but is it fruitful? No matter what, we have to dream and dare in order to achieve. The most important lesson that I have learned in the course of my career is to be daring and take matters into my own hands. We must be braver and discard all excuses for not taking action, no matter how good they are. The ceilings are mainly in our mind and even if we encounter an actual glass ceiling, all we need is a hammer and our two hands.  My message to all the female entrepreneurs out there is not to wait for change, but be the change, and create the reality that you desire."


Tami Frenkel, CEO of Human Xtensions, said: “I am proud to be representing women entrepreneurs in Israel. Women entrepreneurs and CEOs have established a strong presence in the Biomed sector, and I am confident that this trend will persist, strengthening Israeli society and heightening the global reputation of Israeli industry. The contribution of women executives to the private and the public sectors is invaluable, and I look forward to seeing more talented women take up influential positions. I would like to thank TASE for the home that it has provided for our company and wish us all a quick return to more normal times."


Zohar Sela, EVP, Head of Human Resources at TASE, said: “The year is 2021 and we are still rated 64th among the 153 countries included in the Global Gender Gap Index. Women still earn 34% less than men on average and only 10% of the high-tech and technology ventures established in Israel in recent years have been led by women. The road to the realization of a better world – of equality, respect and judgment on merit rather than gender – is still long way. The true women's day celebration will be when such day is no longer needed. Until then, we, at TASE, will lead by example. We will continue to evaluate people based solely on their achievements. We will continue to encourage independent thinking, initiative and innovation and will constantly value solidarity and enterprise. I congratulate the accomplished Executive Businesswomen from the high-tech and biomed sectors that joined us on this special ceremony and look forward to seeing more women in such executive positions."

 In the picture from right to left: Zohar Sela, EVP, Head of Human Resources at TASETami Frenkel, CEO of Human XtensionsDr. Irit Yaniv, Co-Founder and CEO of Almeda Ventures and Co-Founder of WE@HEALTHTECH venture, women executive launchpadRacheli Vizman, CEO and Co-Founder of SavorEat and Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag, President & CEO of Compugen​.​

Credit- Omer Mesinger, Free of charge.