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TASE Equity Options – FAQ


Which equity options are available on TASE?
Where can I find the rules for derivatives trading?
What are the parameters used to calculate the margin requirements?
Where can I find information regarding historical settlement prices and upcoming expiry dates?
Where can I find information regarding equity options specifications?
Where can I find information regarding derivatives name and symbol formats?
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What is the trading method for derivatives at TASE?
What is the trading schedule for the derivatives market?
How are option prices quoted and what is the minimum tick size?
How do trade halts in the underlying share affect options trading?
How does the Price Monitoring Mechanism affect options trading?
What type of orders can be submitted for options trading?
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What is the life span of an equity option series?
What is the last trading day for an equity option series?
On which day of the month is the final settlement price set?
How is the final settlement price set?
What is the Underlying Asset Multiplier?
What are the rules defining the setting of strike intervals for a new option series?
What are the rules defining the opening of additional strike prices for existing option series?
What are "extreme" strike prices?
What are the open position limits?
What is the method of settling options and when is the settlement date?
Are TASE index options European or American options?
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  Corporate actions
What is a corporate action?
Which corporate actions trigger adjustments to equity options specifications?
How does TASE adjust option specifications for corporate actions?
What is the Ratio Method?
Are there instances in which options will not be adjusted for cash dividends?
Adjustment for cash dividend distributions - illustration
Adjustment for stock splits - illustration
Where can I find announcements regarding adjustments to equity option specifications?
What is the adjustment committee?
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