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​Invest on TASE

Investing on TASE
What is traded on the stock exchange?
How is trading conducted on TASE?
How can I invest in the stock exchange?
Securities & Derivatives Prices
How can one learn more about TASE and Israel's capital market?
Are there mechanisms to protect investors on the TASE?
TASE trading and vacation schedules
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  Viewing Market Data
Where can you find market data on the TASE ?
Real Time vs. Delayed Data
Historical trading data
What is the minimum size of orders?
Short Sales
TASE Indices
How can one search for companies or securities according to industry or classification?
Maintenance list, Trading suspensions, Illiquid Securities
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  Data Dissemination
Data dissemination – intraday data
Data dissemination – end-of-day raw data files
We are constructing a website. How can we incorporate a ticker of TASE-traded securities?
Am I entitled to display TASE market data on my website?
How to become an authorized TASE information data vendor?
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  Corporate Actions and Disclosures and TASE announcements
What can be found on the Maya website?
What are financial statements?
Where can I find dates and payments such as dividend distribution dates and interest payments?
Where can I find TASE notices?
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  Additional Information
Where can one find financial ratios and summary data from financial statements?
Where can one view a company's principal shareholders?
Annual Review and TASE Publications
Can one visit the trading floor?
What is an ISIN?
TASE rules and regulations
Information concerning foreign investments and foreign currency activity
Capital Market Regulation – ISA, Ministry of Finance, Bank of Israel
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  Macro-Economic Information for Foreign Investors
TASE Corporate Factsheet
Ministry of Finance
Bank of Israel
Central Bureau of Statistics
OECD – Economic survey
Israel Securities Authority
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Bank Hapoalim – Reports & forecast
Bank Leumi – Economic reports
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   Investment Opportunities for Foreign Investors
Being a client of a local TASE member
Being a client of a foreign bank or investment house which is a TASE member
Being a client of an investment house with international activity
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  Contact Us
Inquiries to the Israel Securities Authority regarding public companies
Public Affairs – Israeli Banks
Inquiries to public companies
Public inquiries to TASE
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