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​Information for Listed Companies

General Information for Companies
Listing Securities on TASE
Dual Listing
Restructuring of public debt
Market Making on TASE
TASE Indices
Maintenance list, Trading suspensions, Illiquid Securities
"TACT- Institutional" and Non-listed Securities (NLS) Services
TASE trading and vacation schedules
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  TASE Website Services for Issuers
Updating a corporate logo or URL
Links to English language corporate financial statements from the company page
Intraday trading data
Data dissemination – end-of-day raw data files
MY TASE personal portfolio
TASE rules and regulations
Additional explanations on how to navigate the TASE website
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  Corporate Actions and Disclosures and TASE announcements
What can be found on the Maya website?
What can a company do to have an expected financial report release date appear on MAYA?
Where can I find dates and payments such as dividend distribution dates and interest payments?
Where can I find TASE notices?
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  Contact Us
Inquiries by public companies to TASE
Public inquiries to TASE
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