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The English MAYA website is operated by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) to display immediate reports of traded companies. The English “MAYA” website is designed to make information regarding TASE and the companies listed on it more accessible to foreign investors, particularly in light of the growing interest expressed by investors from around the world in Israeli companies.

Listed companies can voluntarily file in English. These disclosures will be posted on the MAYA English language website, generating additional foreign investor exposure to these companies.
The immediate reports include, among others, notifications concerning announcements & transactions, financial statements, capital raising information, changes in the companies' management, interested parties, corporate actions, splits, mergers and more.

In addition, MAYA offers comprehensive information on the listed companies and on the securities that are traded on TASE, on the “Corporate fact sheet” page. This page contains information such as details of the company (address and contact), details of the securities (listed and non-listed), interested parties, management and officers and financial data. It also offers processed information, such as: schedule of real-time public offerings and upcoming public offerings, corporate actions schedule, including meetings, financial report schedule, dividend distributions, payments of principal and interest etc.

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