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Dual Listing on TASE

The TASE offers companies traded in the U.S.A., London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Toronto an attractive way to dual-list their shares on the TASE.

Companies whose shares are traded on the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the NYSE MKT (formerly AMEX), the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Main Market or High Growth Segment, HKEX (The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited Mainboard, Primary Listing), SGX (Singapore Exchange Mainboard, Primary Listing) or TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange, Primary Listing) can dual-list on the TASE. Dual-listing is easy and simple, does not impose any additional regulatory burden, and does not entail significant costs.
Dual-listing has many advantages for the company and its employees, as well as for investors and for the securities industry in Israel.
The advantages of dual-listing have led more than 60 companies to list on the TASE under the terms of the Dual-Listing Law.

The Advantages of Dual-Listing

Why Should Companies Dual-List?

  • New - listing expenses are now tax deductible
  • The “home market effect” – these companies are renowned in Israel.
  • More Israeli investors, both institutional and private.
  • ETFs and Mutual funds invest in companies that are included in all of the TASE’s major indices.
  • Increase in trading volumes: dual listed companies benefit from an increase in the aggregate trading cycle.
  • For TA-35 companies – investors who trade in options on this index.
  • Capital can be raised on the TASE through convertible securities (convertible bonds, and warrants). The minimum required capital raised is lower than abroad.
  • Continuous trading from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Israeli time), for companies listed in the U.S.
  • The Israeli Market can be beneficial during unfavorable periods for a specific company in foreign markets.
  • Exercising options by employees is convenient and at a low-cost.
  • The dual-listing procedure is easy and simple.

Why is Dual-Listing Good for Israeli Investors?

  • Transaction costs are very low compared to fees in stock markets abroad – fewer middlemen, no need for currency conversions. 
  • Convenient trading hours, suited to business hours in Israel (trading in the U.S. only begins at 4:30 PM, Israeli time). Trading on the TASE continues on Sundays and other global stock market holidays. 
  • Diverse investment possibilities on the TASE.

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Dual Listing on TASE