TASE UPTASE Private Market

TASE UP is an electronic platform designed by TASE for private companies to access investments from institutional and accredited investors. Unlike listing on TASE main market, companies that are listed on TASE UP platform remain private and are not subject to any reporting requirements under the Israeli Securities Law. The TASE UP platform was constructed to resemble the infrastructure of TASE’s trading and clearing systems and is therefore readily accessible and familiar to the institutional and accredited investors.

Private companies that choose to be listed on the TASE UP platform, remain private and therefore are not required to publish a prospectus upon the listing of the securities and are not subject to regular reporting and disclosure requirements.

What type of securities are eligible to list on TASE UP?

Until recently, listing on the platform was exclusively limited to bonds and commercial paper. Now, for the first time, TASE allows listing of additional types of securities on the TASE UP platform.

Participation units, Shares, Convertible bonds, Options 

Who is permitted to issue securities on TASE UP platform?

The following types of corporations may use the TASE UP platform:

REITs or Real estate limited partnerships which invest only in real estate assets outside of Israel, Credit funds (financial aid corporations), Technology and biomed companies, Limited partnerships engaged in R&D investments 

Who is permitted to transact on the TASE UP platform?

Accredited investors, as defined in the First Addendum to the Securities Law, including:

Private accredited investors, Venture capital funds, Institutional investors, Investment consultant/marketer buying for its own account, Corporation with equity in excess of NIS 50 million 

Benefits of listing on the TASE UP platform

For companies

  • Unique access to thousands of accredited and institutional investors through TASE’s distribution channels.
  • A variety of capital raising channels that are customized to the companies’ needs. 
  • No prospectus publishing and regular reporting obligations.
  • A streamlined, agile and innovative process.
  • Liquidity for the shareholders of the company.

For investors

  • Direct access to investment in private companies through TASE’s familiar platform.
  • Liquidity for invesment.
  • Security identification number (ISIN) and presentation of the investor’s holdings in its bank account, similarly to any other security that is listed on TASE.
  • Listing, clearing and operation of the payments as applicable to a listed security. 
  • Exemption of foreign investors from tax withholding on interest payments.

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