Solutions for Listing Alternative Investment Products on TASE

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has initiated a system, which provides solutions for the listing of “alternative investment” products. The system displays and identifies units listed by a fund in the investor’s bank account, assigning a uniform securities number for all the product’s investors.

For whom is this system relevant?

  • Investment funds (incorporated in Israel or abroad)
  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds


Identification by International Securities Identity Number (ISIN)

Each security listed by an investment fund will be assigned an international securities identity number (ISIN) by the system, which enables the identification and display of the security in an investor’s bank account, much like other TASE-traded securities.

Value display

The listing of units on TASE enables valuation (as calculated by the fund administrator) data entry to the bank systems, such that, for the first time, this information will appear in the investor’s bank account.

Listing, clearing and operation services

The system allows TASE members to hold fund units in investor accounts and enables TASE to carry out payments during the fund’s lifetime (capital distributions and unit redemptions), as is the case with TASE-traded securities. In this manner, the amount of back office services required of the fund administrator is reduced. 

Transfer of units between holders

The system facilitates the transfer of units between a fund’s registered holders (pending to fund consent).
The services offered by TASE complement the work of fund administrators and are coordinated and performed in conjunction with them.

Our customers include:

  • Halman-Aldubi 2P1st, Limited partnership
  • Arno Real Estate Debt Fund
  • Harel Alternative Feeder 1, Limited Partnership

Cost of Services

  1. The schedule of annual fixed payments to TASE Clearing House is detailed below:
  2. Fund Net Asset Value

    Total payment* (in NIS)

    Up to and including NIS 50 million


    Over NIS 50 to 150 million


    More than NIS 150 million


  3. An additional annual payment of NIS 10,000* is charged by the TASE Nominee Company
    *Prices do not include V.A.T.

For registration and further information please contact: or telephone: +972-76-8160550.