Proposals for Developing the Investor Relations Field in Public Companies via Digital Platforms and Solutions

Company's Name: TheMarker Finance

About the company:

TheMarker website – is leading in news, financial information, contents from the economy and business world.

TheMarker Finance website provides extensive and current information from the Israeli capital markets, Wall Street, Europe and Asia about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, US dollar, the currency market and stakeholders.

By using unique interfaces, the Finance website shortens for surfers the screening process of financial information and shows it in a new perspective that has not been shown to date, leading to considerable amount of information by a single clicking as well as significant time savings. The Finance system concentrates all existing investment channels in the capital market and includes extensive information about them including in the fields of long-term savings (pension funds, provident fund, advanced training and insurance) which suffer from lack of information and accessibility.

Professional experience in the investor relations field:

New service of TheMarker – addresses the main challenges faced by public companies: improvement of the relations with shareholders, recruiting investors and increasing trade volumes.

Additional companies that participate in the service (should there be any):

Predicta provides financial information services and financial data to the Finance website of the marker and the project. IRPRO maintains and develops advanced digital solutions for viewing financial data and financial statements

The proposed service / services:

  • Investor Relations Website:
    • Platform
    • Content
    • Regular Maintenance
    • Storage
  • Message Distribution:
    • Platform
    • Content
  • Information about investors and distribution methods to investors
    • Platform for creating 1 on 1 meetings with investors
    • Platform for creating investor conferences
    • Conference calls
    • Corporate videos
    • Mobile application
    • Publication of financial statements

Details about the service/services:

For the first time in Israel's capital market, the IR PRO allows managers of public companies to directly address existing and potential investors by special promotional videos presenting the image of the company. This way, the managers are afforded with an opportunity to present the company to the investors' public on all of the company's aspects: products, technologies, opportunities, challenges and above all - the vision of the company and management.

The IR PRO offers companies to make it easier for investors through a first of its kind interactive analysis of financial statements - including explanations of exceptional events that took place on a quarterly basis. This will enable investors to read relatively quickly rich analysis of quarterly financial statements of a four- year period, which provides them an important tool for investment making decisions thereby increasing the transparency of the company to the investors' public.

The IR PRO will allow public companies to publish reports to investors, simultaneously or in addition to notices reported to the stock exchange. The companies will have full control over the contents of the reports and titles and will be able to transfer their important messages to the investors' public. The reports will be published both in the pages of the companies' shares and in the home page of TheMarker website. This is an important and powerful tool for public companies, allowing them to reach a large audience of investors in the capital market at any given time and immediately. Whether the notices are not required to be reported to the stock exchange but may be of interest to investors, important notices that did not receive adequate media attention or notices intended to provide clarity to investors following a negative event - the companies' reports on IR PRO are a must for any public company.

For which companies is the service intended?

The service is designated for public companies, in general, and for the medium and small companies, in particular. The service is suitable also for companies towards an issuance, reporting companies and for companies holding bonds.

Added value and significant advantages:

The IR PRO product provides a rich platform for public companies to transmit messages and value-added notices to investors: greater transparency, easier analysis of financial statements and contacting directly the managers of the companies to investors through unique promotional videos. The interface allows public companies to promote their messages to investors without limitation, all with an unprecedented exposure in the Marker Finance portal and in the home page of TheMarker website.

Does the service provide direct communications with existing and potential investors?

The IR PRO allows managers of public companies to address directly existing and potential investors and present to them all of the company's aspects: data, business profile, products, technologies, opportunities, challenges and above all - the vision of the company and management.

Which languages are supported by the service?

Hebrew and on demand English as well.

Price range:

Annual activity NIS 3,000 – 3,800 per month.

Additional details:

The IRPRO pages of TheMarker are adapted to each company according to the characterization of needs and emphases of each company.

Working experience with Israeli companies, detail:

Many years of experience of providing content, distribution and advertising services to a range of companies from corporations through S&B.


Company website:

Contact details:

Hofit Hasson
Business Development Manager
Haaretz-TheMarker Digital group
Mobile: 050-7274166