IR - Investor Relations

Do you wish to issue an IPO and go public? Are you the owners of a public company listed on the exchange? The time has come to activate a fresh and profitable marketing scheme—marketing to investors!

Investor relations (IR) are intended to assist you, the owners and directors of public companies, in exposing your company to investors, analysts and decision-makers in the capital market so as to raise capital and enhance share’s negotiability.

New –TASE assists public companies develop their investor relations

TASE has joined the global strategy and assist listed companies in developing their IR activity. On this site, you will find the professional information in this field as well as information on recommended digital tools to assist you establishing and managing your IR activity efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, we are offering personal guidance meeting in order to assist you in tailoring your IR activities to the company’s needs and resources, and improving your company’s exposure in the capital market. Click here to schedule a meeting

Growth engine for your business growth

It should always be remembered, that the value of a company’s share derives first and foremost from its performance, business model, products and growth rate. However, without high-quality IR activity, investors will not be optimally exposed to the company’s advantages.

Investor relations worldwide

Most public companies in the Western world activate extensive platforms of IR activity using advanced digital tools aimed at marketing to investors.

Those companies, understand the significant value of IR and structuring long-term relationships with investors in a manner that generates credibility and commitment towards the company, its management and strategy. Such relationships lead investors to believe in the company and continue holding its shares (during crisis periods as well). Furthermore, new investors are inspired to make the decision to invest in company shares.

This is an opportunity for companies listed on TASE to line up with international standards, operate accordingly and reap the benefits. The activity is aimed at encouraging demand for company shares, increasing exposure to the company’s results and forecasts, recruiting new investors and strengthening relations with existing investors.

Investor relations – during challenging periods

Permanent investor relations activity enables companies to cope with crises more effectively. Companies that maintain a proficient investor relations system, can control the manner of their media coverage as well as the information published about them. This assists them in coping with the situation and communicating information during crisis periods.

Openness, transparency and credibility, all of which are expressed through quality IR, preserve investor trust during difficult times and actually generate opportunities for reinforcing relationships with the capital market. During times of increases in the capital market, well-managed IR has the power to boost exposure of company activity and, in turn, reflect a fair and positive price for company shares.

Investor Relations – Why is it important?

Investors Commitment – Long term trust and credibility

Maintain relationships with existing investors and expose new investors, during both peak and crisis periods.

Analysts coverage

Expand the scope and quality of analyst reports that are distributed to active players in the capital market.

Support the capital related events

Support the company’s capital-related events such as bond issues, road shows, mergers, acquisitions and so forth.

Raising capital

Raise capital efficiently from existing and new investors.

Liquidity and value

Increase liquidity and worth of company shares such that they reflect the company's value.

International investors

Exploit possibilities for enlarging the company’s investor base, including international investors.

Information Center

We have concentrated professional and practical information about the investor relations field in Israel and globally, for you.
This information, will assist you in your daily work and provides professional and practical tools for the company’s investor relations activities.
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Case Study - Gazit Globe Ltd.

"The Israeli capital market has been and continues to be Gazit Globe's senior partner. With its help, we've grown from a company with a single shopping center in 1991 to a company currently included in the TA-35 Index and which owns over 400 shopping centers. Creating value is the objective of all public companies. Transparency and a continuous dialogue with investors is the secret ingredient that helps companies preform by an increase in their value share price and its value."
Nadav Cohen, Gazit Globe's head of Investor Relations, describes the real estate company's extensive activity in maintaining contact with investors and the IR activity contribution to the company's growth.
Read more about Gazit Globe Ltd. case study


In this section, we've compiled a range of digital solutions for managing your company's investor relations, a conventional practice in Israel and around the world. These solutions allow you to implement a sustained, efficient and extensive investor relations campaign while maintaining transparency with the capital market—in accordance with the budget and time resources at your disposal.

For your information, here are a number of important rules for establishing an efficient and high quality investor relations apparatus:

  • Most of the digital tools can be activated and managed independently with the aid of the companies that provide them, or via a company that specializes in the field of investor relations. We advise your organization to appoint an employee to oversee activity vis-à-vis the professional IR companies or to activate the tools independently.
  • Using the digital tools necessitates regular maintenance of all information published about the company, news and key events as well as any information that promotes in-depth familiarity with your company in the capital market and among potential investors.
  • It is important to sustain your activities that target relevant entities in the capital market and to employ digital tools for communicating your messages via conference calls, mailing list notifications and more.
  • Bear in mind that digital resources are a tool for supporting your company's long-term planning of IR activity and strategic exposure.
For your convenience, the website presents information on IR companies that operate in Israel in the event you are interested in working with a professional company in the field.

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