Proposals for Developing the Investor Relations Field in Public Companies via Digital Platforms and Solutions

Company's Name: Meetyl (A Glass Lewis Company)

About the company:

Meetyl changes the way companies target and connect with institutional investors, for the purpose of scheduling non-deal roadshows, one-on-one meetings and conference calls. Meetyl specializes in corporate access services, and is the only live, active network that uses a proprietary algorithm to connect institutional investors and companies based on overlapping, user-defined interests.

Professional experience in the investor relations field:

Meetyl and Glass Lewis’ team comprises of former Wall Street buy-side and sell-side investment veterans, as well as former investor relations professionals with decades of experience across a broad range of industry sectors. This crossroads of financial knowledge made clear the opportunity for an efficient technology solution that would connect companies and investors, directly, securely and efficiently.

Additional companies that participate in the service (should there be any):


The proposed service / services:

  • Message Distribution:
    • Platform
    • Content
  • Information about investors and distribution methods to investors
    • Platform for creating 1 on 1 meetings with investors

Details about the service/services:

Think of Meetyl as an extension of your investor relations team – increasing company exposure and making time on the road more productive.

For which companies is the service intended?

Public exchange-listed companies that have institutional investors and want to grow their institutional holders. Companies under USD $200 million market cap must have all meeting requests approved by Meetyl before sending. These companies will also have a restricted level of support from the Meetyl Team.

Added value and significant advantages:

Only live network of institutional investors and companies that allow for direct engagements and communications in a direct, efficient and secure manner. Investors and companies are curated and both can update their information that is shown to the community.

Does the service provide direct communications with exist investors and potential investors?

Yes -- in a direct, efficient and secure manner.

Which languages are supported by the service?


Price range:

Basic access - connect with investors and accept invitations - free.

Premium Access - enhanced targeting, outreach support and all basic tools - please contact Meetyl for pricing details

Working experience with Israeli companies, detail:

Meetyl counts close to 3 dozen Israeli companies as part of its live platform today and these Israeli companies have been using Meetyl to engage directly with institutional investors in the U.S. and Europe.


Company website:

Contact details:

John Goya