Proposals for Developing the Investor Relations Field in Public Companies via Digital Platforms and Solutions

Company's Name: PR Newswire

About the company:

For over 60 years, PR Newswire has been communicating your message to consumers, the media, analysts and investors locally and globally. Using its unmatched global distribution network, PR Newswire offers guaranteed delivery to target audiences across the globe, helping you reach more than 170 countries in over 40 languages. Our Israeli office was established back in 2000 and services over 400 clients.

Professional experience in the investor relations field:

Among the services, we offer, disclose is our secure regulatory disclosure service covering the UK, France, the Nordics, North America and many other markets.

We distribute releases direct to more than 1.4 million analysts, brokers and others in the financial community, including major equity terminals such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Additional companies that participate in the service (should there be any):


The proposed service / services:

  • Investor Relations Website (in English)
    • Platform
    • Content
    • Regular Maintenance
    • Storage
  • Message Distribution:
    • Platform
    • Content
  • Information about investors and distribution methods to investors
    • Platform for creating virtual investor conferences (for dual listed companies)
    • Conference calls & webcasting
    • Publication of financial statements


Distribution of multimedia news releases, enabling the addition of multimedia assets such as video, audio, images and links to social media.

Details about the service/services

  • Distribution of news releases to international media outlets and investors across 170+ countries and in 40+ languages.
  • Distribution of financial releases to analysts as well as retail and institutional investors.
  • Set-up, storage and maintenance of a dedicated online investor relation site matched to your company website, including stock data and charts, an automatic newsfeed of relevant press releases and regulatory information such as SEC filings.
  • Conference call and webcasting services.

For which companies is the service intended?

Public companies trading on local or worldwide stock exchanges, who are looking to reach the international media, potential/existing investors and international B2B/B2C consumers.

Added value and significant advantages:

As a worldwide and industry-leading company, PR Newswire is uniquely positioned to have a local presence as well as international. It offers comprehensive services not just to established companies but also to those in their early stages, helping them through the IPO process and following stages in order to meet transparency obligations such as SEC and exchange requirements.

Does the service provide direct communications with existing and potential investors?

  • PR Newswire’s virtual investor platform enables companies to have a live audio presentation in front of potential US investors.
  • Financial news sent by PR Newswire can reach up to 1.4 million analysts, brokers and others in the financial community directly through major equity terminals such as Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg.

Which languages are supported by the service?

Basic language is English although we have the ability to distribute news in over 40 different languages.

Price range:

Dependent on services required.

  • Distribution to international media including investors varies from $200 up to $5,000.
  • Investor relation site starts from $6,000.

Additional details:

PR Newswire can tailor relevant packages based on a client's needs and budget.

Working experience with Israeli companies, detail:

Over 50 Israeli public companies are already using PR Newswire. Many have been using our services for a number of years (G. Willi-Food), whilst some have been with us since their IPO (SodaStream). Some companies have even been with us since they were a start-up, using our services to become the companies they are today (Mobileye).

Among the Israeli companies traded on TASE: Cellcom, ICL, El AL, SodaStream, Elbit systems, Sapiens, Magic, Kitov Pharma, Allot Communications, Pointer Telocation, Ituran, Ellomay Capital, Shikun & Binui, Intech Pharma, Foamix, Internet Gold, B Communications, Strauss, Delek Group, BiolineRX, Biondvax, Audiocodes, Attunity, Camtek, Compugen, Kenon Holdings, XTL, Matomy, NOVA, Evogene, G. Willifood, TAT Technologies, Ceragon Networks, Azrieli Group, Formula systems, Kadimastem, Collplant, Etc.


All Israeli companies using PR Newswire news section:
Sodastream's investor relation website:

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Contact details:

Rakefet Sudri
Phone: 077-2005042