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About the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) plays an important role in the Israeli economy. TASE enables companies to raise the equity needed for their development, thereby contributing to the growth of the local economy and to employment. TASE also provides a platform that enables the public to invest in the securities of Israeli companies and, consequently, to share in the success of the Israeli economy.

TASE is a securities trading arena that was established in 1953. TASE operates an advanced, automated trading system known as TACT (Tel-Aviv Continuous Trading), through which anyone can buy or sell securities in real time, easily and conveniently, in a continuous manner during trading hours.

A diverse range of securities are traded under one roof at TASE, which allows the public to invest according to the characteristics and level of risk that suit each investor individually. Various products are traded on TASE, including stocks, bonds and index products.

TASE touches the lives of everyone in Israel, since every citizen’s savings are invested on TASE, which makes it the main channel for the public to share in the success of the Israeli economy.
The TASE offices are located at 2 Ahuzat Bayit Street in Tel Aviv. In the past, transactions were carried out in "Floors" through a noisy and crowded trading arena. Since 1990, trading systems on the TASE are fully automated. Everyone can buy and sell securities through one of the TASE members (banks and brokerage firms) who are authorized to trade on TASE (TASE member list >). Trading is anonymous and is carried out through the members for their clients.
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TASE Structure

The TASE is a private company, subject to strict corporate governance rules.
TASE Clearing House, MAOF Clearing House and the TASE Nominee Company are wholly owned subsidiaries of TASE.
The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) is the direct governmental that supervises its activities.
On April 2017, the Knesset ratified an amendment of the Securities Law enabling changes to TASE's ownership structure and on September 2017 the District Court ratified the TASE demutualization arrangement, enabling changes to TASE's ownership structure, , which turns the TASE into a company for profit, while separating TASE membership from ownership of TASE shares.
On August 2018, the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) approved the transaction for the change in TASE’s ownership structure within the framework of which five international investors acquired, as set forth below, most of the TASE shares from the TASE members:
  1. Manikay Partners LLC
  2. Dalton Investments LLC 
  3. Moelis Australia Asset Management Ltd
  4. Novo Nordisk Foundation
  5. Sunsuper PTY Ltd

Below is the composition of the shareholders on TASE today:


Advanced Services for the Capital Market

The TASE provides, the following services, among others: 
  • Raising capital and debt for companies and the government in order to finance activities.
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  • Trading and clearing of all securities traded on the TASE, as well as securities issued without a prospectus for institutional investors (not the public).
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  • Dual listed shares: Clearing and payment services for dual shareholders in cooperation with the DTCC (the largest securities clearing house in the US and Europe).
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  • The Nominee Company: The Nominee Company was established in January 2018 as a private subsidiary of the TASE, fully owned by the TASE. According to the definition in the Securities Law, the only activity of the new Nominee Company will be the holding of securities
    The Nominee Company is engaged in two main areas of activity: it ensures the proper and complete registration of the number of securities registered in its name (held by the public) and serves as a conduit for the transfer of payments deriving from corporate actions (such as dividends, interest) between the issuing companies and the end-holders of the securities.

  • The TASE website: On the TASE website you can find current information on the TASE's market data, as well as information, reviews, research and historic data tables on subjects related to trading and the capital market.

  • The Maya system: Distribution of messages of the companies traded through the Maya website ( and TASE announcements.

TASE Departments

The following departments operate in the TASE:
  • Information Technology & Operations Department
  • Listing & Economics department
  • Trading, Derivatives & Indices Department
  • TASE Clearing House (Clearing and Settlement Department)
  • Membership & Supervision department
  • Risk Management Department
  • The Strategy and Business Development Department
  • Legal Department
  • Company Secretariat
  • Human Resources Department
  • Administration & Finance Department
  • Compliance Department
  • Communications and Public Relations
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TASE History

Since its establishment in 1935 as the Exchange Bureau for Securities in a branch of the British Anglo-Palestine Bank, and until the move to its current location, which provides a fitting solution to present-day technological challenges, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has undergone various transformations and homes.
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