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Suspension & Renewal of Trade

​Securities traded on TASE must meet certain requirements in order to enable proper and fair trading. Securities that do not meet the conditions for proper trading are suspended from trading. Trade may be resumed after suspension of trade, if the cause for which the trade was suspended is canceled and if no other cause for suspension was created during the suspension period. In the end, if the cause of suspension continues to exist and no amendment or change leading to the renewal of trading is made, the securities are delisted from TASE.

Suspension of Trade

Suspension of trade is the halt of trade in a security for more than one trading day. Suspension of trade takes place in circumstances in which there is concern that it will not be possible to engage in proper and fair trade in the security. During suspension of trade no trading in the security takes place, but all the obligations applicable to listed companies continue to apply on the company.
There are several causes for suspension of trade in a particular security. Once the trading in a security has been suspended, TASE publishes a notice that trading in the security has been suspended.
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Renewal of Trade

Companies that failed to comply with the maintenance rules or for which trading was suspended, which have taken steps to improve their situation can return to trade on the main list, provided they comply with rules set by TASE.


Securities that have ceased to be traded on the main list, either as a result of their being transferred to the maintenance list, or because the trading has been suspended, and within a time period determined by TASE, no conditions are created for the renewal of trading on the main list, are delisted from trading on TASE.

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