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ANNA: The Association of National Numbering Agencies

ANNA is the Association of National Numbering Aagencies around the world that assign a unique identification code to each new security as it is issued.
ANNA adapted a common standard for identifying securities, the ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) according to ISO Standard 6166. Securities from more than 120 nations are identified by ISINs. No matter where a security was first issued, its ISIN enables it to be recognized and traded between buyers and sellers virtually anywhere in the world.
The National Numbering Agencies are divisions of large entities, such as central banks, central securities depositories, data vendors, regulators and stock exchanges. Each of these agencies have been appointed by their national financial regulator to take on this role for the benefit of their national economy and to support the free flow of financial information and capital throughout global markets.
The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is the official agent of ANNA appointed by the Ministry of Finance of Israel.
For further information, please contact our representative as specified in the following link of ANNA members List and visit ANNA web site.