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A dual listing has many advantages, for the company, employees, investors, and the capital market in Israel. The dual listing law and the stock exchange rules pave the way for TASE, the "home court" of Israeli companies and the Israeli investor public. A dual listing is easy, simple, fast and does not involve significant costs. The Company continues to operate according to regulations of the foreign stock exchange, and there are no additional requirements from the Israeli regulator.

The Numbers Speak Out


dual-listed companies
the percentage of the value of the dual-listed shares
of total TASE market value
the percentage of trading on TASE by dual-listed companies
of total turnover in shares on TASE
* As of December 31, 2019

The Advantages of Dual Listing

The "home court" effect

The companies are known and are prominent in the Israeli capital market.

More investments

Institutional investors and the general public know the Israeli companies and can invest in them through TASE.


Entry into TASE indices increases liquidity: Small and mid-sized companies that are not included on global indices can be added to TASE indices and thereby gain exposure to mutual funds and ETF's that invest in stock exchange indices and inject passive demand into the company's shares.

Increased Trading Volumes

Dual-listed companies benefit from an increase in the aggregate trading cycle.

Diversified Financial Instruments

Capital can be raised in TASE using convertible securities, convertible bonds and/or option warrants. The minimum required capital is less than that of other global stock exchanges.

Extended Trading Hours

Long and overlapping trading hours between the markets- increases liquidity in the share and trading hours.

Recognition of Issuance Costs for Tax Purposes

According to 2018 income tax law (which was updated in March 18) the dual listed companies are entitled to deduct expenses in respect of the issuance of shares or participation units registered for trading on the stock exchange in Israel, in the year of issuance. The Law is binding on the issuance of shares or the issuance of participation units, even if the offer of securities was made only on a foreign stock exchange.

Dual-Listed Companies Without a Controlling Core May Choose to Rely on the Recommendations of ISS (Institutional Shareholder Consulting Services) in Lieu of Recommendations From the "Entropy Group"

TASE and Entropy signed an agreement under which Entropy offers each dual-listed company without a controlling core, to join a program whereby Entropy would provide its clients, institutional investors, with investment recommendations based on the ISS recommendations. Joining the program is free of charge and is fully subsidized by the TASE.

A Success Story:

SodaStream International

The Company manufactures and markets home systems for the production of carbonated beverages.


  • The establishment of "Soda Club", a local brand that competed with "SodaStream", a British company.


  • Soda Club acquires the British SodaStream.


  • The Fortissimo Fund acquires control of the company at a value of less than NIS 74 million.


  • The company changes its name from Soda Club to SodaStream International.
  • A listing of shares for trading on the NASDAQ includes raising NIS 463 million at a company value of NIS 1.4 Billion.


  • Listing the shares on the TASE, under the dual listing provisions at a market value of NIS 1.25 Billion
לוגו חברת פרוטרום

In December 2018: Completion of a merger and acquisition by PepsiCo Market value on the closing date of the merger –


Billion NIS

The yield in the three trading years in Tel Aviv – more than 800%

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