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You’ve decided to go public and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) has immense potential for you and your company. With our existing innovative programs and more in the pipeline, we’re ready to take your company to the next level.

Your Ticket to a Vast Pool of Investors

Trillion NIS
Capital Managed by Institutional Investors*
Billion NIS
Annual Increase in Capital Managed by Institutional Investors*
of Total Managed Capital
is Invested Through the TASE*
*As of June 30,2021

Raise Capital Through TASE’s Variety of Channels

Decide &

Whether shares, convertibles, or bonds, you can find the channel that best suits your company’s needs, stage of life and industry sector.

More Debt?
No Sweat

Listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange enables you to tap into public capital and boost your company’s economic growth. TASE offers a shelf prospectus to issue additional shares and bonds to the public in no time and with very little fuss.

The Public –
Your Perfect Partner

Listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange enables the public to share in your company's success, while you maintain a controlling interest.

Israeli Companies Play Home Field

Billion NIS
Total Value of Listed Companies
Listed in TASE
Dual Listed
*As of June 30,2021

Beside You All the Way

A Platform for
Strategic Growth

A low entry threshold enables small and medium high-growth companies to list on the TASE, leveraging TASE access to capital to drive strategic growth opportunities.

Highly Developed
Bond Market

Bond trading on the TASE is successive and trumps global market trading with a reputation for efficiency, liquidity and transparency. Local and international companies who know how to identify potential and rare opportunities, choose to list in Tel Aviv.

Your Foot in the Door
of Global Markets

Listing on the TASE is your company’s ticket to the public big leagues, and opens a door to strategic business processes, starting with the acquisition of companies in Israel and abroad, through collaboration with international entities, to dual listings on global stock exchanges.

Preliminary Listing Review

Read more about listing procedures
מינוי מלווה הנפקה

Appointment of Listing Consultant

בדיקת עמידה בתנאי סף

Compliance with Application Criteria

מפגש מקדים עם משקיעים

Preliminary Meeting with Investors

קביעת לו״ז להנפקה

Suggested Timetable

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will walk you through every stage of listing, and remain steadfastly at your side throughout your company’s public life.

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We Tailor Solutions for Each Industry Sector

Unique Benefits for Companies in the Technology and Biomed Sectors

Israel attaches great importance to the development of technology and biomed companies in the Israeli capital market. Because of this, companies in these fields enjoy specific regulatory relief, tax benefits, and easier registration rules. As part of these measures, TASE enables companies to obtain subsidized and independent analysis services from international research companies, to provide appropriate pricing and increase marketability. As part of the efforts to bring back Israeli companies, the Israel Securities Authority, in June 2018, expanded the Dual Listing Law, and in addition to the NASDAQ, NYSE, and LSE (London) markets, dual listing is now also possible with the TSX (Toronto) and two Asian exchanges-Singapore and Hong Kong. In addition, TASE signed a broad cooperation agreement with the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) which allows companies to simultaneously issue in both markets, helping Israeli companies to receive attractive valuations both from investors in Asia and investors in Israel.

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There’s so much more we can tell you about raising capital on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

We’d love to meet with you so we can get to know your company and help you to take it to the next level.

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