Significant Expansion of Activity

Companies in the trade, industry and services sectors often report weak profit margins that hinder organic growth. Listing on the TASE provides companies with significant leverage to expand activity,  while issuing shares or bonds to the public helps companies rapidly implement accumulated knowledge and business and operational capabilities.

An Ever-Expanding Universe

Listed Companies
In the Sector
Billion NIS
Market Value of Shares in the Sector
Billion NIS
Market Value of Bonds in the Sector
*As of 31.12.2019

Exceptional Benefits of TASE-Issued Shares and Bonds

Low Financing Costs

A bond issue is a cheaper alternative to bank financing

Company Value

Listing on the TASE enhances company value


The ability of stakeholders to realize their holdings

Better Credit Terms

Banks usually approve better credit terms for public companies

Capital in
Perpetual Motion

Shelf Prospectus – Keeps You on the Fast Track

A shelf prospectus is an established financial instrument used exclusively and frequently in sophisticated global markets. It enables listing parties who meet the necessary legal requirements, to offer shares to the public, using the same shelf prospectus several times over a relatively long period of time and at relatively short notice without the costly process of obtaining a prospectus permit each time they issue. This affords public companies considerable flexibility when embarking on a process of issuing shares or raising debt.

Over 100 regulatory amendments

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel Securities Authority (ISA) issued unprecedented leniencies and innovative programs for small and novice companies, designed to facilitate their maiden listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. These programs simplify the listing process and keep maintenance costs at a minimum for a company in its public-trading infancy.

Success Story


Manufactures and markets raw materials for the flavor and fragrance industry, as well as flavor-fragrance blends for the food and cosmetics industries.


  • Listed for trading on TASE
  • Raised NIS 51 Million
  • Market value at date of listing – NIS 488 Million


  • IPO on London Stock Exchange
  • Raised NIS 335 Million
  • Market value at date of listing – NIS 1.6 Billion


  • Since 2007 successfully completed the acquisition of more than 50 companies from around the world.
  • Listed on TA-35 and TA-125 indices, with average daily of NIS 28 Million


  • Frutarom was acquired by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. ("IFF").

Market value on acquisition date


Billion NIS

Yield – 12,265 %

*from January 1, 2000 and up to acquisition date of October 4, 2018

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