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Sector Classification

Companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange are classified by the TASE into 12 sectors and 33 sub-sectors, at the time of their initial issue or when there is a substantial change in their business.

The sector classification is a basis for:

  • Creation of sector indices
  • Filtering and search options for similar companies on the TASE website and among information distributors

The sector classification update is carried out twice a year, on June 30 and December 31, except if the following substantial changes occur before the next update date:

  • The company sells its previous business and acquires significant business in a new area.
  • The company makes a significant private placement in return for the acquisition of business activity in a new area.
  • The company is defined as a shell company.
The full details of the sectors and sub-sectors and the principles for determining sector classification for multi-disciplinary companies as well as detailed information about the update dates can be found in the sector classification procedure.
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In addition, it is possible to locate companies according to the sectors to which they were classified.
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