Proposals for Developing the Investor Relations Field in Public Companies via Digital Platforms and Solutions

Company's Name: iRmedia

About the company:

IRmedia, was founded two years ago, by a team of experts specializing in Investor-Relations and financial media, who identified the need to strengthen the contact public companies have with shareholders and potential investors.

IRmedia, allows every public company, independent of its size and the complexity of its inner structure, to maintain a continuous professional contact with the broad investors community in order to unlock value, increase trade cycles and boost the company's brand.

IRemedia, was founded on the basis of Investor-Relation technology from the kind that already exists in the US and in Europe, with specific adjustment to the Israeli market.

Given its technological platform and team of experts, iRmedia offers the following solutions:

  • A system for releasing announcements to the capital market and to institutional and private investors.
  • Releasing announcements to the Israeli and international media.
  • A system for coordinating a conference call and investors conference.
  • Establishing an Investor-Relations website for public companies and ongoing maintenance and update thereof.
  • The Stocker system: the best system in Israel for mapping stocks and coordinating road show for the institutional investors.

Professional experience in the investor relations field:

IRmedia is managed by a team of highly experienced experts in the capital market, with 15 years of experience in the realm of Investor-Relations and financial journalists. The team has many years of experience in consulting and managing PR and investor relations operations with hundreds of public companies, including companies which are traded abroad, involving diverse contact with any kind of media, journalists and editors.

Additional companies that participate in the service (should there be any):


The proposed service / services:

  • Investor Relations Website:
    • Platform
    • Content
    • Regular Maintenance
    • Storage
  • Message Distribution:
    • Platform
    • Content
  • nformation about investors and distribution methods to investors
    • Platform for creating 1 on 1 meetings with investors
    • Platform for creating investor conferences
    • Conference calls
    • Publication of financial statements


Stocker – an institutional investors' holdings system, which tracks and analyses the holdings of the institutional investors in the securities of public companies.

In addition, Stocker is a social network which connects between public companies and the capital market and private investors and is also connected to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

IRmedia specializes in establishing websites for public companies – both the broad corporate website and the Investor-Relations website, designated for investors, journalists and clients. The company builds websites for three years now for Tel Aviv 100 companies, Nasdaq companies and other companies. The company also takes care for the ongoing maintenance of the website and its constant update.

Details about the service/services:

The founders of the company realized that an updated professional Investor-Relations website can have considerable positive effect on the image of the company, but that the opposite is also true – a website containing old and partial materials and information transmits lack of seriousness and might have negative influence on the image of the company. Many companies do not take care to assure organized and systematic responsibility for the ongoing update and maintenance of the website, which damages the messages received by the investors and their conception about the company and its share.

For which companies is the service intended?

Public companies, private companies, institutional investors and private investors.

Added value and significant advantages:

IRmedia enables the public company to manage its Investor-Relations activity in the most professional manner possible and in costs which suit the volume of the company's actual activity. There is no reason to go on paying high retainer payments. The system makes it possible to use its services according to real needs.

The broad financial information that the Stocker system offers may increase the effectiveness of the Investor-Relations activity of the public companies and makes it possible for institutional investors to receive considerable information in various sections.

Private investors get the possibility to track the purchase and selling operations of the institutional investors in Israel and abroad.

Does the service provide direct communications with existing and potential investors?

Yes. iRemedia makes it possible to distribute information to the largest investor list in Israel. The investor list contains all of the institutional investors in Israel, hedge funds managers, portfolios managers as well as thousands of private investors.

The system makes it possible to send any message the company wishes to release to the investors.

Using iRemedia, it is possible to release the same message or a new message to the entirety of the Israeli financial media – in print and digital alike modes – and thus to broaden the circle of investors and strengthen the positioning and branding of the company.

It is also possible to issue announcements abroad – to the USA, Europe and China.

Which languages are supported by the service?

Hebrew and English (part of the services).

Price range:

NIS 450 – NIS 3,000.

Working experience with Israeli companies, detail:

Modiin Energy, Kornit, Xenia, Clal Biotechnology
Announcement releases: Levinsky Offer, Ziron


Announcement releases:

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Company website:

Contact details:

Liat Peleg Shpiegelman
Business Development Manager
Mobile phone: +972-523238652
Noa Tasman
Business Development Manager
Mobile phone: +972-545254004