Proposals for Developing the Investor Relations field in Public Companies via Digital Platforms and Solutions

Company's Name: Nasdaq

About the company:

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nasdaq, Inc., provides innovative products and services that power global business communications for today's forward‐thinking public and private companies. Nasdaq, Inc. is the first and only exchange operator dedicated to owning and operating a core platform of products that help companies minimize risk, maximize efficiency, and increase transparency.

Nasdaq Corporate solutions provides strategic intelligence, communications and analytics services to companies of all sizes worldwide. Client feedback drives our business, and what we hear so frequently is that companies need to work with partners that truly understand their needs, and offer solutions that help them connect the dots internally to make better decisions for their business. Nasdaq is the only firm that can support your company’s Investor Relations, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Board & Leadership teams.

Professional experience in the investor relations field:

Following Nasdaq’s acquisition of the Thomson Reuters Corporate Solutions business in 2013, the combined entity has 15+ years of experience in the Investor Relations space and was there from the very beginning as an innovator of online IR communications industry.

Nasdaq is the market leader in Investor Relations services, providing over 3,500 investor relations websites, market intelligence services to over 12,000 users globally and Advisory solutions to over 1,300 corporations.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions partners with our clients to increase their workflow efficiency and drive results through our advanced technology, analytics, and consultative solutions.

Additional companies that participate in the service (should there be any):


The proposed service / services:


Details about the service/services


Nasdaq Corporate Solutions delivers more than 18,000 webcasts each year, primarily to support Investor Relations professionals in their earnings, investor, and annual communications via our single global platform, Multimedia Centre. Multimedia Centre is an easy‐to‐use, flexible platform that requires no download and uses Windows Media and Flash formats. Multimedia Centre allows you to leverage the expertise of our global support teams to deliver your live webcasts flawlessly, while providing your viewers with an interactive and engaging experience, even on mobile devices.


Nasdaq Corporate Solutions offers our clients an end-to-end IR workflow solution via Nasdaq IR Insight – everything you need to communicate to your stakeholders and evaluate the success of your IR communications program.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions builds, hosts and maintains award-winning IR websites for more than 3,000 companies worldwide, including 78% of the Nasdaq 100 and 63% of the Fortune 500.

Your Nasdaq Corporate Solutions - hosted IR website will incorporate the look and feel of your company’s corporate website, providing visitors with a seamless experience. Increase the benefits to investors: the investor receives unparalleled transparency combined with a personalized online experience - facilitating return visits; IR receives new clarity on investor online behavior and exact information for identifying opportunities to advance valuation ‐ a goal that all stakeholders share.

For which companies is the service intended?

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions works with more than 10,000 clients around the world in varying capacities, ranging from the largest global brands to micro-cap companies in local markets.

This proposal is intended to aid companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to create a best practice Investor Relations program for their individual firms.

Added value and significant advantages:

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions offers a very unique proposition – providing micro-cap companies with a platform to look and act like a larger organization and helping to provide a professional online focal point and resource for all things about the company to both the local and global financial communities.

IR websites that are automated with data and regularly updated become the main point of access for information and encourages people to return for the most up to date information.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions offers packages for all budgets and requirements – and supports multiple languages and regional market specifications.

Does the service provide direct communications with existing and potential investors?

Yes – our website, webcast, and desktop tools all provide the means for companies to connect directly with their investors and potential investors.

Which languages are supported by the service?

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions has service centers in 20 countries supporting 25 languages, including dedicated Hebrew-speaking employees to support the Israeli market.

Price range:

Packages range from $5,240 for a standard data driven solution to $12,500 for a more robust offering and then $19,320 for a complete annual IR package.

Package 1: Standard IR Web Components - $5,240

  • Stock Quote & Chart
  • Email Alerts
  • and choose one of:
    Regulatory & General News
    Fact Sheet
    Interactive Key Figures
    Insider Trades
    Event Calendar

Package 2: Fully Hosted IR Website - $12,500

A full-featured and responsive Investor Relations website including IR homepage, stock quote, regulatory & general news, events calendar, email alters, corporate governance library, and more along with 24/7 support, self-publishing workflow, robust CMS, and integrated website analytics.

Package 3: IR Reach Package - $19,320

A complete annual investor relations communications program including standard IR website with corporate governance library, quarterly audio webcasts, and advisory press release distribution.

Working experience with Israeli companies, detail:

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions has supported companies in the Israeli market across multiple industries for more than a decade. With dedicated Hebrew-speaking service team members, Nasdaq currently works with 89% of the Tel Aviv 100.


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TJ Church
Mobile: +44 7809845975