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  Market Data, Securities and Foreign Currency Categories
Looking for a certain cross section of securities or foreign currencies?
Intraday trading data
Data dissemination – intraday data
Data dissemination – end-of-day raw data files
Foreign currency exchange rates
Real Time vs. Delayed Data
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  Product Description Pages
What is a product description page?
Historical trading data
Where can one view a company's principal shareholders?
Comprehensive list of a company's securities
Derivatives market – searching for historical settlement prices and upcoming expiry dates
Where can one find financial ratios and summary data from financial statements?
How can one search for companies or securities according to industry or classification?
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  TASE Indices
Viewing an index page
How can I see which securities are included in a certain index?
Indices that include a company security
Historical data on the TASE indices turnovers
Calculation of continuously quoted indices
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  Additional Information
Reviews and statistical data
Monthly statistics
TASE companies
Off exchange transactions
Short Sales
Where can one find information regarding delisted securities?
Where can I view TASE Financial Reports?
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What is a personal portfolio?
How do I access my personal portfolio?
Restore / Change Password
Updating details in your personal portfolio
How does change one's password?
Adding/removing a security from your personal portfolio
How does one delete security from the "My TASE" personal portfolio?
What is the "personal ticker"?
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  Glossary of Symbols
Ex-corporate action dates and Adjusted closing prices in historical price tables and Graphs
  Corporate Actions and Disclosures and TASE Announcements
Corporate Actions and Disclosures and TASE announcements
What are financial statements?
Corporate Actions
Where can I find TASE notices?
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  Contact Us
Inquiries to the Israel Securities Authority regarding public companies
Public Affairs – Israeli Banks
Inquiries to public companies
Public inquiries to TASE
Technical Support
Inquiries by public companies to TASE
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