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Companies in the technology and biomed sectors naturally dream of going global. TASE enables you to list, issue and mature at a healthy pace and assists you in your efforts to expand your activities abroad.

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List First in Tel Aviv

Advantages in Listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Before You Go Elsewhere

Cost Savings

There are many factors to consider when you’re deciding where to list, and the most significant one is cost. Listing on TASE involves significantly lower costs than the US and European exchanges, and Tel Aviv outwits its American and European counterparts with modest annual "maintenance" costs.

Enhanced Visibility

Most Israeli companies traded on US stock exchanges are considered small relative to those in the US market, and therefore have difficulty attracting interest from US investors and analysts. The TASE sees these companies as medium-sized and gives them pride of place in leading indices, which boosts exposure and marketability of shares. When ETFs and mutual funds track stock exchange indices, their investment coverage policy dictates that they have no other choice but to acquire the shares included in the various indices.

Advantages of
Playing Home Field

Small and medium-sized companies who list on exchanges abroad but fail to meet expected growth forecasts within a relatively short period of time, lose investors’ interest, which can throw share marketability and company value into a downward spiral. Israeli investors are more tolerant and are less likely to be spooked.

Take Time to Mature

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a natural choice for small and medium-sized Israeli companies who want to build value and maturity before listing abroad.

Advantages of Dual Listing

For companies already listed on the LSE, NASDAQ, or NYSE, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange provides an excellent and simple solution for dual listing, so your company gets fast-tracked with all the advantages of the local market, filing financial statements and disclosures submitted abroad.

Innovative Programs

Partnership with the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX): Your Gateway to Asian Capital Markets

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange signed a Partnership agreement allowing Israeli technology companies to raise capital in both markets simultaneously and list on both exchanges.

This dual listing arrangement creates a unique value proposition for Israeli tech companies. Dual-listing or performing a simultaneous IPO on both exchanges can assist Israeli issuers in increasing liquidity and gaining attractive valuations from a broad Asian investor base while ensuring domestic demand. There is a huge potential in SGX as a global tech hub, and as a gateway to Asian capital markets through quick and efficient fund raising process.

The stock exchanges assist private companies during the pre-listing stage, in the issuance process, as well as providing support to issuers after listing, leveraging familiarity with active players in both markets, which is expected to increase the visibility on both markets as well as to attract technology companies to list on both exchanges.

In order to access the dual listing track and IPO simultaneously in both markets, the company must comply with SGX MainBoard quantitative listing criteria of the following two alternatives: a market cap of 150 Million Singapore Dollars (currently equivalent to US$212 Million) and profitability in the past year, or a market cap of 300 Million Singapore Dollars (currently equivalent to US$220 Million) and revenue over the past year. Companies that do not meet these criteria will be able to list on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or Singapore's Catalist board exchange and then move on to its MainBoard.

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Global offering on TASE

TASE recent Global IPO has paved the way for Israeli high-tech companies to conduct a fully global offering on the TASE.
Israeli high-tech companies can enjoy exposure to leading global institutional investors, valuation in-line with international markets, book building IPO's,

increased liquidity and English research from globally recognized sector analysts, alongside the benefits of the Israeli capital market: inclusion to TASE flagship indices , lower issuance and ongoing costs , increased liquidity and deductible issuance costs from corporate earnings.

Over 100 regulatory amendments

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel Securities Authority (ISA) issued unprecedented leniencies and innovative programs for small and novice companies, designed to facilitate their maiden listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. These programs simplify the listing process and keep maintenance costs at a minimum for a company in its public-trading infancy.

Success Story

Mazor Robotics

Develops, manufactures and markets surgical medical devices


  • Raised NIS 40 Million by issuing shares and options
  • Market value on date of issue – NIS 118 Million


  • Raised NIS 166 Million with listing on the NASDAQ
  • TASE market value just before listing - NIS 1.1 Billion


  • Won a commercial and an investment agreement with the international medical device giant company Medtronic.


  • In December 2018, was acquired by and merged into Medtronic.
Mazor Robotics

Current Market Value


Billion NIS

Yield – 1,113%

* Yield from the date of issue on the TASE and eventual delisting on December 23, 2018.

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